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Updated May 26, 2016
Quick Info
The Vancouver Mycological Society, based in Vancouver Canada, is a club devoted to the study of mushrooms and fungi.
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Regular Meetings
Held the 2nd Tuesday of every month
except January, July, & August
in the Floral Hall of
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
at 37th & Oak in Vancouver

Tue June 14   7:30 pm
Presenter: Dr. Katherine Glew,
Associate Curator of Lichens at the
University of Washington Herbarium,
has studied lichens for over 40 years
in forest, alpine, and island ecosystems.

Arrive a little early to mingle &
peruse the mushrooms on the table.
Bring specimens for identification!

And ...
remember to return your library books. :-)

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Joint UBC/VMS presentation
Fri Jan 17 evening (time TBD)

Dr. Tatiana Sanjuan, a world expert on
Cordyceps, fungi that parasitize insects &
spiders, including those that produce
zombie ants as well as a natural medicince
more valuable than gold, will her present
her findings re the co-evolution of
Cordyceps and their hosts.

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No further forays planned this season

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