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The VMS is a group of individuals who share a common interest in mushrooms and fungi. There seems to be as many different approaches to enjoying the humble fungus as there are different people. Some like photography or that nice combo interest of Mycology and travel. There are mushrooms all over the world and at our regular monthly meetings, we have had guest speakers give veritable travel slide shows of holidaying fungi! Stamp collecting, drawing, painting, poetry, song, dance. Okay maybe we are pushing the envelope a little here but you get the drift. Many ways to appreciate the mushrooms. Learning about the structure of mushrooms, the common names and the scientific names as well as which ones make good eating is all part of the clubs activities. The path of mycological development might be: interest ? followed by enthusiasm ? followed by learning ? followed by forays and collecting ? followed by dinner!

The Vancouver Mycological Society
Box 181
#101 - 1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 4E4
VMS - Vancouver BC Canada
What does VMS actually do?
  • Conducts monthly meetings, often with with a guest speaker. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month (except January, July, & August) in the Floral Hall of Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Oak & 37th Avenue, 7:30 pm.
  • Holds weekend forays led by knowledgeable club members.
  • Organizes overnight field trips in mushroom season.
  • Hosts the annual Vancouver Mushroom Show.
  • Produces a quarterly newsletter called the Mycofile.
  • Provides access to VMS library.
  • Coordinates an annual Survivor's Banquet - Potluck dinner at VanDusen.
  • Provides you with another line to include in the “other interests” on your resume.
  • Creates an opportunity to get involved in leading, identifying and socializing where the mushroom is the common denominator!
.:: Brief History ::.

The lower mainland of British Columbia which surrounds Vancouver is home to some of the most most diverse forms of fungi found anywhere in the world.
The first Mushroom Fair in the Vancouver area was held at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in 1975. It was a great success and its organizer, Kitsy Fraser, decided to make the Fair an annual event. By 1978, the Fairs became so popular that it was suggested a mushroom club be formed. Hence, at the 1978 Fair in October, people interested in forming a mushroom club were asked to sign up. The first Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS) meeting was held on November 7, 1978, and an executive was elected. Continuing the tradition, the first VMS Mushroom Show was held on October 17, 1979. Since then, many people of different nationalities and backgrounds have joined the club, including mushroom farmers, professional mycologists, gourmet cooks, and a variety of eccentric characters.

Regular VMS meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (except January, July and August) at VanDusen Botanical Garden (Floral Hall), Oak & 37th Avenue, 7:30 pm. Meetings are fairly casual typically with 30 to 100 people of all ages in attendance. Bring your fresh fungi finds in for show and tell. Excitement is in the air that only a mushroom-lover can appreciate!

Check the website (www.vanmyco.com) for more details on the program for each meeting.

Driving? There's lots of free parking at the building.
Taking Transit? Use the Oak Street bus #17 (visit the Translink website for routes, schedules, etc.).

Cost of membership is shown to the right. Prospective members and guests are welcome to attend a limited number of meetings and, if you like what you see & hear, join up at the meeting. Alternately you can mail a cheque to the address at the top of the page.
  President: Sam Reeve
  Past President: Mendel Skulski
  Vice-president: Julia Chirka
  Treasurer: Sandy MacDonald
  Secretary: Cody Labossier
  Other Board Members
  Willoughby Arevalo
  Launie Fairbairn
  Sharmin Gamiet
  Gordon Glaze
  Paul Kroeger
  Vivian Miao
  Luke Mikler
  Cynthia Richardson
  Email: Vivian Miao (general)
Mendel Skulski (notices)
  Website: Kent Brothers
  Newsletter: Luke Mikler
  Library: Louise Gadd
  Book Sales
  Forays: Paul Kroeger
  Hospitality, health,
& welfare:
  Toxicology: Paul Kroeger, Anne Leathem
  Survivor's banquet:
  Main Fall Foray
  Mushroom show: Anne Leathem
  Archives: Agostino Armellini
  Individual: $20.00 per annum
  Family: $25.00 per annum
  Student: $15.00 per annum
  Senior (65+): $15.00 per annum
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