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We’re collecting stories and interviews from the founders of VMS (est. 1978). Check back soon for updates on the colourful history of Vancouver mushroom enthusiasts.

The lower mainland of British Columbia which surrounds Vancouver is home to some of the most most diverse forms of fungi found anywhere in the world.

The first Mushroom Fair in the Vancouver area was held at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in 1975. It was a great success and its organizer, Kitsy Fraser, decided to make the Fair an annual event. By 1978, the Fairs became so popular that it was suggested a mushroom club be formed. Hence, at the 1978 Fair in October, people interested in forming a mushroom club were asked to sign up. The first Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS) meeting was held on November 7, 1978, and an executive was elected. Continuing the tradition, the first VMS Mushroom Show was held on October 17, 1979. Since then, many people of different nationalities and backgrounds have joined the club, including mushroom farmers, professional mycologists, gourmet cooks, and a variety of eccentric characters.