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Updated June 11, 2016
Quick Info
The Vancouver Mycological Society, based in Vancouver Canada, is a club devoted to the study of mushrooms and fungi.
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Regular Meetings
Held the 2nd Tuesday of every month
except January, July, & August
in the Floral Hall of
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
at 37th & Oak in Vancouver

Tue June 14   7:30 pm
Presenter: Dr. Katherine Glew:
"The Fascinating World of Lichens".
Dr. Glew, Associate Curator of Lichens
at the University of Washington
Herbarium, has studied lichens
for over 40 years in
forest, alpine, and island ecosystems.

Arrive a little early to mingle &
peruse the mushrooms on the table.
Bring specimens for identification!

And ...
remember to return your library books. :-)

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Joint UBC/VMS presentation
Fri Jun 17 7:00 pm

Room 2200 or 3200a
  (depending on size of audience)
West Wing, Biological Sciences Bldg, UBC
Dr. Tatiana Sanjuan is a world expert on
Cordyceps, fungi that parasitize insects &
spiders. These fungi include species that
turn ants into zombies, and one that is
more valuable than gold. She will present
indigenous Amazonian folklore re
Cordyceps & her findings re the
co-evolution of these fungi and their hosts.
7:00 pm: Refreshments at entrance of bldg
7:30 pm: Presentation begins;
     bldg doors are locked

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No further forays planned this season

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